Jehovah’s Divine Name restored to the King James Version

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The Divine Name Jehovah

restored 6973 times

The Divine Name JAH

restored 50 times

The Divine Name Jehovah

quoted in the New Testament 128 times

Features of the Second Edition Divine Name KJB

God’s Name Restored 7023 Times

See God’s Divine Name restored in it’s original and intended place in the Old Testament Jehovah 6973 times and Jah 50 times in most widely known & distributed bible translation of all time: The King James Bible.

Concordance Listing All Restorations Of God’s Name

Our concordance gives listing, with scriptural excerpts, all 7023 times God’s name appears in the Bible. Gazing upon the sheer amount of references to God’s original name in the Scripture truly shows the enormous implications removing The Divine Name has had.

Revised Preface & Commentary

Our opening preamble sets the tone for our body of work that is The Divine Name King James Bible. We wish to convey to all those reading, our personal thoughts as The Divine Name Publishers and our mission behind this ongoing project. Our commentary in the appendix of The DNKJB presents our evidence for several inclusions of The Divine Name in it’s rightful place.

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Dedicated to The Father of us All

Α Isaiah 42:8 • I am Jehovah: that is my name. Ω